Beginning ‘Anew’

Anew Experience

Love luncheon meat but hate the guilt? Hesitant about plant-based luncheon meat because you think the taste will be compromised? Well, we’re here to set your luncheon experience anew. Anew’s plant-based luncheon meat will take you to a whole new level!

Plant-based food can be fun and tasty and we’re here to get you even more excited about it. Thanks to our R & D team, we’ve created new flavours for you to enjoy luncheon meat – guilt free! Eat it the way you always love – in sandwiches, as luncheon fries. We put the “Ta-daa” back into your tastebuds.

A new leaf in plant-based luncheon meat

A mighty mouth-feel. A “bounce” in every bite. We’re here to change your views of luncheon meat. Making it not just good, but BETTER. Our plant-based luncheon meats are high in protein, non-GMO, without added preservatives and best of all, no more guilt. Just like how food should be enjoyed, over and over.